Top 3 Ways to Integrate CapLinked

Kirk Gale

CapLinked Watermarking
A complex project needs a robust platform like CapLinked to manage all of the relevant documents. But maybe your workflow doesn’t require a  new platform to manage files, but rather new tools to maximize efficiency. CapLinked has many useful features that can be integrated with your current system to improve your workflow. Here are the top 3 ways to integrate CapLinked:

  1. Host the white label viewer on your own domain. The white label viewer is a powerful tool from CapLinked that allows colleagues to view and download documents, without logging in. By hosting the white label viewer on your company’s domain, you can maintain a professional rapport with colleagues and clients and get them up to speed with your files in no time. Check out a demo of the white label viewer on the white label page.
  2. Add security layers to your documents. CapLinked offers watermarking and DRM that will add security to your documents. CapLinked watermarks can be applied both to documents in the web viewer and documents that are downloadable, and include time and date of viewing, the user’s name, IP address and email address. Digital Rights Management, or DRM, means that you can revoke access to a document even after it’s been downloaded — a powerful feature offered by CapLinked which requires no plugins or additional software to download.
  3. Process and convert various file types. CapLinked is designed for securely uploading and sharing documents. The web viewer allows users to view Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, and other major file types. CapLinked can modify, split, or index a document based on keywords or phrases. CapLinked can also convert certain file types into other file types to meet viewers’ needs (ex. Investor Reporting). Once your documents have been converted and modified to your specifications, consider utilizing CapLinked servers to store your documents securely.

CapLinked integration specialiests are ready to help maximize your workflow by integrating robust features with your existing systems — contact us today. Check out the private deployment page to learn more about the features CapLinked can offer to your organization.

The What, Who, When, Where, and Why of CapLinked

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CapLinked on iMac and iPad

What is CapLinked?
CapLinked is an online platform that makes it easy to collaborate on complex projects. CapLinked has robust functionality that makes it intuitive to upload, download, organize and share your documents. You can securely store any type of file on CapLinked, and the web viewer can preview PDFs, Microsoft Office files, images, and any other popular filetypes — right from your browser. CapLinked has many features built with security in mind, like DRM, watermarking, and powerful permissions settings. Learn more about CapLinked features on our Product Tour.

Who uses CapLinked?
Anyone can use CapLinked. It’s useful for a wide range of use-cases and industries, from due diligence to raising capital to legal to life sciences and more. Many companies trust CapLinked to store their files, including Thomson Reuters, Frontier Airlines, and Guardian Capital, to name a few. Check out more of our satisfied customers.

When can I access CapLinked or get help?
CapLinked is available to use anytime. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to make sure you get the most out of your CapLinked experience and can help answer any of your questions.

Where can I access CapLinked?
CapLinked runs in your browser without the need for any plugins or software to download. You can access it from your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, including iPad and iPhone. You can manage and share documents from anywhere and collaborate on secure projects with ease.

Why should I use CapLinked?
CapLinked simplifies your workflow by making it easy to work with others on complex projects that require keeping track of many documents. It’s easy to determine who can see what documents, so involving your team, prospective buyers, sellers, and investors, legal counsel, researchers, auditors, and more is simple and secure. If you have a lot of documents to store and share, CapLinked is the most secure and effective way to simplify your life.

If you want to learn more about CapLinked, see how it works. If you’re ready to schedule a demo or learn more about pricing, talk to a CapLinked representative.

Essentials for Pharma and Biomed Due Diligence

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pharma_DDC_coverCapLinked has just released the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Due Diligence Checklist. If you’re looking to acquire or merge with a pharmaceutical or biomedical company, this guide for necessary documentation is a must-have. Some highlights include:

  • Documents to ensure that prospective companies comply with FDA regulations.
  • Documents for corporate development.
  • A convenient location to keep track of all your due diligence materials.

If you’re ready to get a handle on the due diligence process for pharma and biomed, click below to download the checklist for free.

Lifehacks for Office Workers

Kirk Gale

When you work in an office, there are a million things that will eat up your time. The time to leave the office will come and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished nothing at all, despite feeling like you were “getting stuff done” all day. Check out the following “hacks” to learn some simple tricks to stay focused and leave the office feeling accomplished.

    Get to work early. Getting to work early means you have time to work when (hopefully) no one else is in the office. You can organize your day, work uninterrupted, and get to the coffee first.
    Get a second monitor. If you often have many browser windows and tabs open, you can save yourself a lot of time by getting a second monitor. Avoid switching back and forth, complicated copying and pasting, and frantically cycling through applications to find what you want.
    Disable social media. Anything you have open that is social media — Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc — close it. You’ll eliminate one of the most pervasive daily distractions from your workflow.
    Flip a coin to determine task order. No need to take this one too literally- just assign some sense of chance into your routine. Why? Because you probably waste lots of time deciding what to do next, if you should do something at all, or whether or not to get something started. By flipping a coin, you can take some of the triviality out of your simple decision making.
    Act like you get paid $1000/hour. Your time is precious. Act like you need every second you can get because someone higher up is determining whether or not you deserve to be paid so much. Keep your time valuable and complete the most important tasks first.
    Do one task at a time. Don’t try to undertake multiple things at once if possible. Select a task, start it, do it well, and finish it. Without a dozen simultaneous projects on your plate, you’ll be checking things off your list in no time.
    Say “no” to tasks. People in an office environment will tend to defer tasks to you- say “no”. Obviously you can’t adopt this habit for all things as many tasks will be rightfully assigned to you. If it doesn’t fall in your area of expertise or job description, get someone more appropriate to do it. You’ll keep your to-do list shorter that way.
    Delegate tasks. Much like saying no, you need to heed the notion that you can’t do every task that comes your way. Especially if you’ve got someone working for you, be sure to defer tasks so you can stay focused and complete things that really matter.
    Use the right technology. Using the right technology can make all the difference. Be sure to research all of your options, and start using some new programs. If you don’t like it after a week, go back to your old workflow.

CapLinked is an online platform that makes office life easier. Keep all of your secure documents in one place and share them easily with whoever you want. Click below to view a product tour.

4 Browser Technologies You Shouldn’t Be Using

Kirk Gale

Browser Technology
When navigating the world of virtual data rooms and cloud storage solutions, we recommend avoiding four specific technologies.

What are they and why should I avoid them?

  1. Java plugins. In addition to needing constant updates, the Java plugin is a security risk, having allegedly caused over 50% of browser security breaches in 2012.*
  2. .NET Old .NET technology does not have CSRF capabilities, which means that malicious parties could request information from a site while posing as the site itself.
  3. Flash. Flash is pervasive on the web, but often encounters problems with load time and updates. Flash is commonly used to deliver parts of the user interface that were hard to render otherwise, but more secure HTML-based alternatives now exist. Flash can also crash or freeze a browser, in addition to not being compatible on the iPad or iPhone.
  4. Silverlight. Silverlight needs constant updates- if not updated, the software is vulnerable to malware such as Exploit Kit**.

It’s important to note that the aforementioned technologies present security problems namely in the necessity of updating. If a web product relies on any of these technologies, you and your colleagues will have to download and keep the technology updated. Additionally, the web product’s engineering team must also ensure that they update everything to reflect a new version of the plugin, which can result in unplanned downtime.

CapLinked does not use any plugins or third-party software whatsoever. When you share files on CapLinked neither you or the parties you share with have to worry about the updating or security risk associated with any of the aforementioned technologies.

Security is a top priority for CapLinked. CapLinked uses 256 bit SSL, audited for cross-site XXS scripting and CSRF vulnerabilities. We have also received SSAE16 certification and are HIPAA and SOC compliant.

To learn more about CapLinked’s ease-of-use and security, visit our product tour or our security page.


5 Things You Need to Know About DRM

Kirk Gale

What is DRM, anyway?

Digital rights management (DRM) is the ability to monitor and restrict activities around a document once it has been downloaded from a secure server. If someone downloads a document and you need to know what they’re doing with it on their computer (and the ability to revoke access remotely), you need DRM.

Can I use DRM on CapLinked?

Yes. To enable DRM on CapLinked, contact your dedicated support representative and they will set you up. DRM can be applied to specific groups in the permissions settings, and when users in that group download their files, DRM will be enabled.

Why is CapLinked’s DRM so great?

With CapLinked, you don’t need install any software to use DRM features. That’s right, no third-party software. You simply need to log in to CapLinked (which runs in your browser) and open a document with Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader, on either PC or Mac. Other cloud document storage and sharing platforms require you to download and maintain third party software like EMC and FileOpen.

CapLinked also has activity tracker tools that can help you monitor people looking at DRM protected documents. The activity tracker will keep a record of the interactions users have had with particular documents, which can serve as an audit trail for your deal. Learn more about the activity tracker on the CapLinked product tour.

In addition to activity tracking features, CapLinked also offers watermarking, which is another great way to ensure security with your documents. Read more in the watermarking blogpost.

What are the advantages of using DRM?

Using DRM on CapLinked is great for maintaining security. Specifically, it is useful for revoking access to documents which have already been downloaded. What if someone downloads a document and you later decide that you don’t want them looking at it? If you have DRM enabled, you can revoke access to that document at anytime either manually or by setting an expiration date for that particular group’s access.

How do I use DRM on CapLinked?

To enable DRM for a permissions group, navigate to the permissions group and check the box “Download with DRM”. When someone downloads from the workspace, they will now have to submit their CapLinked credentials in order to open the document on their computer. If there are multiple DRM files on his/her computer, the user will only have to submit credentials once. You can also decide if you’d like to restrict actions on documents, such as editing and printing.

Watermarking on CapLinked

Kirk Gale

CapLinked is designed with security as a top priority. We keep your documents safe on our secure servers, and you control access to your workspaces and its documents. But what if members of your CapLinked workspace, intentionally or not, leak files to unapproved parties? That’s where CapLinked’s watermarking features come in.

When you enable watermarking on a folder in your workspace, every page of every document within that workspace will receive a watermark in the web viewer. The watermark includes the time and date of viewing, the user’s name, IP address and email. That way, if your information falls into the wrong hands, you know exactly where the leak came from. The watermark itself serves as a reminder that the document being viewed is extremely confidential and is not to be shared.

If a workspace member has download permissions, the watermark will be applied to every page of PDF documents at the time of download. If multiple documents are being downloaded, the non-PDF documents will be left in their original state.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.06.27 PM

Watermarking is just one of many useful features on CapLinked. CapLinked is an online platform that makes uploading, viewing, and sharing documents extremely secure and simple. To get learn more about CapLinked, visit our How It Works Page. Or to get in touch with sales and schedule a demo of the product, click the button below.