Manage Your Documents with CapLinked Universal Search

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A search tool is an extremely useful feature for any web application. It allows users to filter through material in an efficient manner by searching for a keyword or phrase. This functionality can be especially useful when handling massive amounts of online data for due diligence or any other project-related purposes.

Here at CapLinked, our workspaces are built to handle massive amounts of data. To manage this data, we offer a universal search function on all workspaces. With this functionality, users can search workspaces for words or phrases. The search presents all areas in which the inputted term has been used in a workspace by scanning folders, files, text, and even text within images. For security purposes, the search only analyzes the folders and files that each user has authorized access to. The order in which the results are presented is determined by an algorithm that takes into account the frequency of the term and if there is a full or partial match. This ranking of search results makes it so that only the most relevant results are at the top of the page.

In addition to offering a universal search function on all workspaces, the CapLinked developers are ready to work with you to implement a search function on your existing system. Adding this functionality will ease the process of looking for specific words or phrases within your existing system. Contact our sales team to learn more about how a custom search integration can make your system more efficient.

Dropbox’s Security Limitations

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Dropbox is a great application for sharing non-sensitive information. It allows users to upload files, photos, and other data to a cloud for storage or sharing purposes. However, due to its popularity, Dropbox has now found its way into the business world. In fact, Dropbox has made its way into 70% of companies according to Osterman Research. This is a problem since Dropbox is lacking in many key security features necessary for any business-related project.

Business 2 Community recently published an article outlining why Dropbox isn’t suited for business project management. Entitled “6 Reasons Why Dropbox Isn’t Secure Enough for Business,” the article provides insight into the world of cloud applications. An excerpt from the article:

“Business users collaborate on files differently than individuals. Business collaboration requires granular control over permissions to ensure appropriate access levels for dozens of collaborators and stakeholders. This protects against accidental overwrites or deletions, but it also preserves security and secrecy. In this regard, Dropbox falls short: it doesn’t let you customize read and write privileges for individual users.”

CapLinked is built for managing complex deals and projects. Our intuitive interface and unique capabilities promise to save your time by helping you manage your project efficiently. The CapLinked permissions page allows administrators to easily filter-search for users then set customized permission settings. Within this permissions page, administrators can also add or remove multiple members with a single operation. Here at CapLinked, we employ many security features to ensure that your sensitive information is protected on our servers. Finally, CapLinked allows administrators to track activity to see how users interact with the information that has been sent to them, which allows admininstrators to create audit trails. To learn more specifically how CapLinked can help you, schedule a demo today.

Analytics of Business Tech 2014

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A roundup of analytics

CloudTech recently published an article entitled “A roundup of analytics, big data and business intelligence forecasts and estimates 2014.” The article, written by Louis Columbus, presents analytics on the current and future business technology world.

An excerpt from the article:

“From manufacturers looking to gain greater insights into streamlining production, reducing time-to-market and increasing product quality to financial services firms seeking to upsell clients, analytics is now essential for any business looking to stay competitive. Marketing is going through its own transformation, away from traditional tactics to analytics- and data-driven strategies that deliver measurable results.”

For businesses looking to stay competitive, CapLinked is the go-to provider for secure collaboration and workflow solutions with the ability to handle massive amounts of data. With a CapLinked workspace, you can store unlimited document and support up to 10,000 users while maintaining a steady workflow. To learn what CapLinked can do for you, schedule a demo today.

Secure Your Documents with CapLinked Watermarking

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money watermarking

A physical paper watermark is an image created by varying densities of paper that can be seen as distinct shades of color. Watermarking items, such as U.S. currency, prevents duplication. Originally, a watermark was something that only existed on paper. Now, digital watermarking has become increasingly popular as more and more sensitive documents are stored online. Digital watermarking, now synonymous with watermarking, applies a semi-transparent image to sensitive files to prevent duplication. For cloud applications that prioritize security, watermarking should be viewed as a must-have.

Here at CapLinked, we offer watermarking on all files in our secure workspaces. With watermarking enabled, files will automatically be overlaid with the user’s name, email address, IP address, and a time stamp to keep them secure. In addition, administrators can activate watermarking on different permissions groups to accommodate multiple scenarios. One example of where our this feature can be useful is during a loan sale. When conducting a loan sale, administrators can apply watermarking to view-only documents for potential buyers. For the legal team conducting due diligence on the loan sale, administrators can apply watermarking to all downloaded documents. This functionality adds an extra layer of security for any deal conducted with a CapLinked workspace and avoids unwanted duplication or distribution.

In addition to offering watermarking for all workspaces on our platform, CapLinked is ready to work with you to implement watermarking on your existing system. If you have uploaded sensitive documents to a server and require additional security, our developers can deploy watermarking to documents stored on your system. Contact our sales team to learn more about a custom watermarking integration that will make your system secure.

3 Soccer Strategies That Can Be Applied to Your Business

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soccer ball picture

Partly due to the recent World Cup, soccer is now becoming more and more popular in the United States. Many Americans have become instant fans as team USA advanced out of the so-called “group of death” ahead of Portugal and Ghana. However, while soccer provides quality entertainment, it can also offer business insight. Read below to learn of 3 soccer strategies that can be applied to your business.

  1. Have an Experienced Leader

    In soccer, managers are extremely important to the success of their teams. Part of a soccer manager’s jobs is to decide on a formation to play. The formation of a soccer team dictates the way the team plays. A consistent formation in which all players know their roles is an aspect of any championship team. This can be seen in Spain’s and Germany’s recent World Cup triumphs. Both these teams maintained a consistent formation throughout the whole tournament. Whether expansive or defensive, teams should set a formation that suits their players, their goals, and gives them an upper-hand on the competition. To set this formation, an experienced manager is always required.

    The importance of formation can be translated to the business world. Just like the manager of a championship team sets a formation, business executives should set a consistent business strategy. To set this business strategy, business leaders must have detailed knowledge of the “players” in their company. Within this strategy, employees should know their role in the team as well as the system and management style of the whole business. This knowledge allows employees to conduct their work with the overall goal of the business in mind. In addition, just like soccer managers, business executives should have knowledge of their competition. Knowing the competition can determine how to set a business strategy that differentiates the company from competitors.

  2. Keep Your Head Up

    The top players always know what’s happening around them. Soccer is a very fast-paced game that requires players to make split-second decisions. These decisions can only be made if players know where their teammates and opposing players are on the field. Top players must keep their heads up, whether they’re dribbling or just running, in order to see what is going on around them. Keeping your head up has another translation in soccer. If you make a mistake, such as missing a penalty kick or scoring an own goal, you have to move on in the game and not let it drag you down for the rest of the 90 minutes.

    Just like soccer players, businesses and their employees should always know what’s going on around them. Being aware of what is occurring in your “field” will help you to identify trends in the industry. After identifying trends in the industry, your company can then adjust its product or business strategy accordingly. In addition, just like in soccer, business professionals should not give up after failure. Instead of contemplating what you could have or should have done, learn from your mistake, and move on.

  3. Maintain Good Team Morale

    Another crucial aspect to any championship winning team is attitude. All World Cup winning teams consist of players who are dedicated to each other and their goal. France, as seen in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, was destroyed by poor team morale and extreme egos and exited the tournament without winning a game. Spain, on the other hand, won the 2010 World Cup by maintaining good team morale even after losing their first game to Switzerland. This feat was accomplished by a group of players that had a remarkably good work ethic and attitude towards the game.

    In the business world, maintaining good team morale is very important. To be successful, all employees must work efficiently together in a positive environment. The sales team doesn’t have anything to sell without the developers. The developers don’t have anything to build without the CEO’s idea. By trusting and relying on each other, companies can successfully build a positive environment. Everyone wants to be part of a “winning team” and the one thing all winning teams have in common is good morale.

CapLinked is a secure collaboration solution perfect for any business managing a complex deal. Our intuitive interface allows all users to focus on the deal at hand and maintain a steady workflow. To learn what CapLinked can do for you, schedule a demo today.

Shared Links Security Problem Found in Google Drive

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security threat shared links

ITProPortal recently published an article about a privacy problem that has been discovered in Google Drive. Entitled “Leaky Google Drive lets private data slip,” the article provides insight into the recent security flaw in shared links found in Google Drive.

An excerpt from the article:

“The flaw posed a risk to files that included a clickable URL, which, when someone clicked on the embedded hyperlink, would issue a website link to the third-party website owner… The fault is not dissimilar to a Dropbox hyperlink disclosure vulnerability, which led to the exposure of personal documents contained on the cloud storage provider.”

CapLinked thrives on being an extremely secure virtual data room. We employ two-factor authentication, watermarking, and SSL encryption, as well as many other security features to ensure that your sensitive data is safe online. To learn about all of CapLinked’s security features, check out our security page.

The Growing API Economy

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api blogpost

VentureBeat recently published an article on the growing application programming interface (API) economy. Entitled “Why the growing API economy gives developers endless opportunities,” and written by Jeremy Cuomo, the article focuses on how developers’ methods have changed with the emergence of countless third-party APIs.

An excerpt from the article:

“These developers excel at taking their app’s core value proposition, and mashing it up with various third-party APIs to feed the accelerated development cycles required to constantly update and add new features. For example, developers don’t need to spend time creating a mapping tool when there are various trusted APIs for existing geolocation services already available.”

CapLinked is a cloud solution that is designed for managing complex projects. Our secure API allows you to integrate your existing infrastructure with CapLinked’s capabilities. This integration increases your project efficiency by unifying your fragmented systems. To learn all of the ways CapLinked can integrate with your existing systems, check out our External Integration page.